Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Hundred and Done

Good evening...

Here's my 100th post for the blog (actually 99...I took one down, but whatever).

I had a terrible night. I haven't taken my pill for 3 days now and I can feel the depression again. I guess I have to go back on it...even though I hate feeling sick all the time.

Right now I feel discouraged. I feel like there's a handful of people who read my blog, and the rest is just fake views. I don't get enough support anymore. My friends and family never talk to me about it, and the pride I used to take in my writing, is diminished. I know in one of my last posts I was so hopeful, but I took too big of a step with this whole thing. I've lost faith in myself. So here's to the 100th post of Depressed But Blessed...and for now, my last one until I feel better about it. If I ever do.

Signing off until further notice,
Marissa Mayer

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