Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Good morning all! Happy Wednesday!

This week is insanely busy for me. Musical week (no, I'm not singing...I'm in the pit). I also have state solo and ensemble this weekend, along with prom next week. School is (thankfully) coming to an end and I'm super stressed out with homework/projects/upcoming finals...etc.

Last night, I got super frustrated (there it is again...the "f word"). I couldn't read my music for the musical and I'm still feeling a little upset about it. I felt like a disappointment as a musician. Once again, anxiety kicked in and had me worrying about the future. Something I should really try and veer away from.

What if I can't go to school for music? I'm not a good musician. What college am I even going to? I certainly can't teach music. What am I supposed to do? I'm not good at anything really.

While I'm still feeling slightly discouraged from beating myself up last night, I did a lot of praying on my way home. So today is a little bit rough for me, but I'm hoping it gets a little better from here on out.

So, as a PSA from Marissa (the ultimate worrier)...relax. Don't worry about tomorrow. Focus on today, the moment. You can do it. You are stronger than you know. I have faith in you! Remember that God is on your side.

Back to class!
Marissa Mayer

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