Monday, October 12, 2015

Sisters At Heart

Good evening to all of my lovely viewers! (Before I start, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST!) Hope you had a fantastic day! Haven't had much time to blog recently, but I would love to share more about my weekend...

On Saturday I went up to Green Bay to visit my cousin Emily. She's currently attending UWGB and needed some company. So, Mom and I spent the day up there and had an amazing time! We did a lot of talking, shopping, and of course, eating. 

Emily and I have been best friends since the beginning. She's only two years older than me, and while I look up to her, I know she looks up to me too. She's my sister at heart and I wouldn't trade anything for the relationship we have today. We've gone from Barbie dolls, to boys, to high school and college. I actually have a big poster in my room that has a variety of pictures of us on it and looking at it makes me tear up. 

She is beautiful. Not only is she flawless on the outside, she is genuinely gorgeous at heart. I've called her after multiple anxiety attacks and when I just need a shoulder to cry on. She's gotten me through arguments with my parents, to helping me shrug off boys who broke my heart. One thing I'll always remember is this:

When you get into a rough time, take some time to yourself and think things through completely before making any rash decisions. Do something for yourself. Take a bath, watch a movie, draw, listen to music...anything. Just push your problem to the side for a bit and slow down. 

I promise you, this works. At least for me. When I get mad at my mom or dad, I do just that. I take some time to cool down before approaching them. This way, I've thought things through a little and am better prepared to handle the situation. I've also used this method when I am having a rough day. The other night I felt this urge to hurt myself. And I knew I couldn't. So I put on some Christmas socks (yes, the festiveness of my socks cheered me up), and danced in my room. Then I watched some Pretty Little Liars and texted some friends. Soon enough, I completely forgot about wanting to hurt myself. Sometimes, it just takes a shift to distract your depression.

I love Emily because she's helping me through my depression like nobody else can. She's my sidekick and isn't afraid to take down this battle with me. I know I can always count on her and the reason I'm blogging about her tonight is because I miss her a little extra. I know she's struggling a little up at college. But I continue to pray for's the least I can do after all she's done for me. 

Love you to the moon and back, Em. So blessed to have a "sister" like you. 

Depressed, but always and forever blessed,
Marissa Mayer

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