Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Comfort in His Creation

Okay, so I looked forward to blogging something all day, only to realize that I really had nothing to blog about. My day was pretty uneventful- just a drive with the instructor this morning and then some organizing of school supplies. But then as the evening rolled around, things changed.
Before dinner I felt like this blog thing wouldn't work out and that I wouldn't be able to handle all of my advanced classes this year (plus two jobs). My mom said a few things that irritated me and I suddenly felt that familiar wave of pressure. The settling of stress and I didn't want to start crying. Instead, I talked. Out loud. At first, I tried to reassure myself that I would be okay. But I needed somebody stronger than myself.

So I turned to God. Who better to look to than my Creator? I sat on the edge of my bed telling Him that I needed some confidence. I needed to feel confident that this blog will start rolling and helping you all. I needed to feel confident that my mom will feel better by the end of this mess (hopefully me too)! And confident that He will supply all of the knowledge and patience for me to do well at school and work this year. I didn't feel any better...until after dinner.
After dinner I went outside for awhile. I walked the premises of our property and witnessed the setting of the sun. Suddenly, I felt a warm breeze and I soaked in the beauty of my surroundings. Something about being outside really made me feel better.

You might wonder why. Why would being outside suddenly give me a better sense of peace? I came to my own conclusion: God created this beautiful world. And outside is where we can see it best. Call me crazy if you wish- but it's as if you can feel His presence through the wind. He shows me His creation to remind me that He is the maker of this world and can easily take care of all my troubles.

And when I came back inside, I checked my blog and I already have 160+ views (5 of which are from Canada!) My mom also ended up in a better mood and I started to feel at peace with the school/work situation. God really answers prayers.

Thank you so much- all of you- for your support! Feel free to comment and share this with others!
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May He give you His peace,
Marissa Mayer

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